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India's favorite soup. Tangy and fragrant


Smoked chicken

Mildly flavoured with coriander


All our chicken, lamb, goat are halal

Eggs are free range

Fish may have small bones

Our prawns are farmed and sustainably sourced

Dishes contain allergenic ingredients; please raise your concerns before placing your order

Wherever possible Fat Papaya uses locally grown & sourced ingredients, cutting down on food miles

Fat Papaya strives to deliver healthy and authentic Indian cuisine in lighter interpretations on budget

Tastes from around India

People often ask, is it North Indian or South Indian? What region is your cuisine from? The cuisine is best described as “India inspired!” The dishes are the star recipes from all over India. You will find Chaats to Grills, Curries to Sharing platters and Biryani’s to the freshly prepared Naan's. We look forward to the launch our Dosa range. Our quirky décor and superb variety is loved by most of our guests.