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Welcome to the Fat Papaya's Blog. In this blog section you will find opinions and views related to food preperation, dining, restaurants and food industry in general. 

Diwali, has become increasingly popular the UK over the years and it is the festival of lights celebrated by Hindus, Jains and Sikhs (on 28-30 October this year – dates vary according to the Indian lunar calendar). Diwali is not just celebrated mainly in India but also in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore where the festive fare reflects local traditions. Most ...

Tastes from around India

People often ask, is it North Indian or South Indian? What region is your cuisine from? The cuisine is best described as “India inspired!” The dishes are the star recipes from all over India. You will find Chaats to Grills, Curries to Sharing platters and Biryani’s to the freshly prepared Naan's. We look forward to the launch our Dosa range. Our quirky décor and superb variety is loved by most of our guests.